Wednesday, November 16, 2016

And Just Like That, Everything Fell Into Place

When you step back and look at how much can change in a mere five months, you start to realize what a rollercoaster ride this big, beautiful, messy life is. Shortly after my last post in June, I was swept up in the mania of wedding planning; just now, almost two months after my marriage, I am starting to feel like my feet are on solid ground again.

In June, we successfully closed the deal and purchased our farm. So much work and so many tears were poured into the acquisition of our home, and now so much laughter and so much joy is being spilled into the foundation and roots.

We were blessed to find our 86 year old farmhouse that sits happily on eight acres in the hills of south central Vermont. We have a shed/workshop, an old horse barn, a cleared acre for our crops, and a large stream with swimming holes throughout the acreage. We are blessed.

In July and August, our lives became a juggling act of living in Massachusetts for the work week, traveling to our home in Vermont for the weekends, interviewing for jobs in Vermont and New Hampshire, and preparing for the wedding every second in between. It was a time of chaos, and the summer swirled by us quickly.

In September, we got married. It was downright blissful to stand across from my best friend, this man who I met almost seven years ago, and declare that yes, our love is forevermore. We celebrated with friends and family in an old barn in the middle of New Hampshire. And just a few days after the wedding, I received news that I landed a position at a college in New Hampshire.

In October, just a few weeks after getting married, I said goodbye to my new husband, packed the rest of my items and moved full-time to Vermont to start my job. October was a steep learning curve of impromptu snow, fallen trees, a long commute through the mountains, and learning to be "solo" again, even if only for a short period of time.

Which brings us to November, the month where we practice Thanksgiving. This year I have so much to be thankful for (and still so much to pray for).

I'm thankful for every moment, lesson, and experience I have on my land. I'm thankful for the opportunity to start my own organic farm and enrich the community. I'm thankful for the upcoming Spring and the promise it brings with new chickens, bees, and organic crops. I'm thankful for all the hope my life and heart holds.

What are you thankful for this season?
Have you had a season in life when everything fell into place?

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